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Full IT and Computer Support for your Firm or Office

Technology plays a crucial role in your business every single day. But without a reliable, up-to-date systems, your business may begin to suffer. At PineStone, we draw on years of experience to build the right foundation for your Firm’s IT environment right from the start. With our methodologies and systems, your employees will be able to work efficiently, be productive, and contribute even more to your firm’s success.

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Does your firm face some of the following challenges?

  • Slow performing applications
  • Trouble connecting to the network
  • Slow performance at your branch site or home office
  • Difficulty locating files
  • Delayed remedies to desktop computer issues
  • Limited standards or policies
  • Having the right applications to allow you to effectively perform your work
  • Uptime of network
  • Proper call flows between receptionists, secretaries, and attorneys
  • Unreliable backups
  • Slow to recover files or data
  • Lack of an easy to use portal for collaborating specific Client matters
  • Easy to use tools handling Client matters and keeping track of time
  • Easily tracking changes in documents
  • Plan in place to minimizing risk and issues

With the combination of our technical expertise and the IT solution we provide, we can help you to resolve these issues and lay a foundation for a stable and reliable IT environment.

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