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Cloud & Server Computing

When designing the appropriate platform, it is not simply an answer of Cloud or in-house resources. As industry leaders, our design process factors in the characteristics of each application to determine its ideal access points, enhancing both performance and security. This does not necessarily mean putting everything into the cloud but creating a system that works best for your needs by finding the appropriate balance of cloud and on-site systems.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Our job is to make sure your applications are easily available, minimizing downtime due to failures or unexpected disasters. From redundant solutions for core applications or backup solutions for critical data, our IT consultants will determine the appropriate option for you. No matter what your needs entail, we're dedicated to keeping your network secure and data protected by implementing multiple layers of IT security.

Ensuring your business remains up and running during a disruption or natural disaster, is critical to your companies viability and long-term existence. Having the right solutions and backups in place to ensure your data is protected, will help minimize or eliminate the potential loss of business that can occur when there is a systems failure.

In addition to following best practices for ensuring your core applications remain accessible, we will sit down with you to review your IT environment in detail and get a better understanding of your operations, in order to design a DR and Business Continuity solution that aligns with your company’s priorities.

Designing a platform that makes your applications accessible in a couple of ways, helps to minimize downtime and provides the comfort knowing you have several options to get access to your data whether you are using your personal computer or accessing applications from a web browser on a third party device.

Our DR and Continuity solutions include daily onsite and after hours off-site backups to ensure the most recent updates of your data are preserved and will allow up to recover the most recent data in the event of a disaster or failure.

Running period tests and validation of your back up and continuity systems will ensure your environment is properly prepared for a systems failure. These systems will also include procedures and guidelines for your employees to follow when a major issue occurs.

After our discussions with you, we will be able to determine the appropriate level of continuity and DR systems to put in place. And will allow you to have the comfort of knowing your data is secure and protected from unexpected disruptions.