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IT Solutions

Document Management

Workspace Portal:

Making Workflow Around Case Matters Easy
Internal or External: having a workspace to have immediate and easy access to all of the critical data for each Case Matter  that allow each individual to efficiently complete their tasks. Or to make documents readily available to your Client’s

Customizable to accommodate those tools specific to your type of firm. And workspace to make documents readily accessible for all pertinent users to make edits, revisions and joint collaboration on a moment’s notice

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Providing a turnkey and reliable solution to allow for effective communication both within your company and with your Clients. Regardless if you are in office, remote office, or in the field. And whether you are requiring to share content, video or simply voice conferencing, this can be achieved with a few clicks.



While this may require an upfront investment, the return on investment will be significant in the short term and with many long-term benefits such as, To automate your documentation process. To allow for a consistently standardized deliverable. Shorten the time documents are created and make your staff more productive.

Workspace Portal

Document Management Systems

With over 15 years working with law firm environments, we can assist in not only implementing the appropriate solution but making sure it seamlessly integrates with the other systems and components of your IT environment to ensure an efficient workflow. Such as:

  • Email integration
  • Workspace portal
  • Time and billing
  • Mobility Access

Printing, Scanning, Filing

Printing, Scanning, Filing 

While on the surface this is a fairly rudimentary function with any company, having a system and process in place to make this operation as efficient as possible can not only save a company considerable man hours to maintain but can be a source of valuable information to the firm at a moment’s notice.

Remote Access

Remote Access

While this is and should be a standard feature for any efficient business environment, we provide a solution that will provide a consistent experience and performance no matter where you are located.

Desktop Imaging

Desktop Imaging and Workspace

With the multiple applications that are typically used by a user, how can you ensure a consistent experience and performance across all users and in the event of a failure quickly get them back up and running in a minimal amount of time?