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Are you able to effectively get your work done without hold ups or limitations with your IT solutions and applications? Are your critical applications seamlessly integrated together so you can easily keep track of your tasks and coordinate with peers and support staff?

Law Firms

Law Firms

At PineStone Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience working with law firms and understand the critical elements that are necessary for your success. By creating efficiencies on your daily administrative tasks, we allow you to have more free time to focus on the productive activities that are of value to your clients and distinguish you from your competitors.

By establishing the right foundation in your Law Firm’s IT environment from the beginning, will pay significant dividends over the life of the solution and allow your attorneys and staff to work in unison, be productive and contribute to the firm’s success.

Whether your firm focuses on one or multiple types of practices, we will assess and evaluate your requirements to ensure the solutions we recommend are in alignment and incorporate our experience around best practices.

  • Customized IT Solutions specific for your Law Firm
  • Standardization: to allow for a consistent end-user experience no matter where you are at and what device you are working from.
  • Effectively collaborate and communicate with both your staff and Clients
  • Easily keep track of correspondence and dates for each of your Client matters/cases
Office Environments

Office Environments

Pinestone Technologies takes the time to assess each client’s requirements and environment. We then take that information along with our knowledge and experience on best practices to provide the most stable and reliable IT environment for your company.

We leverage our expertise in the following areas to provide the solutions that are appropriate for your company and IT environment:

  • Business Continuity: Makings sure your applications are highly available and minimize downtime due to failures or unexpected disasters. From backup solutions for your critical data to a redundant solution for your core applications, PineStone IT consultants will able to determine the appropriate level of solutions based on requirements and best practices we see in an office environment.
  • Security: By implementing the appropriate layers of security in your IT environment, PineStone will keep your network secure and have the comfort knowing your data is protected.
  • Reliable and stable: With over 20 years of experience implementing, managing and maintaining IT environments for our clients, we incorporate our experience and methodologies to provide a sound and stable platform for your applications. And when there is an issue, we have created specific guidelines with the ultimate goal to resolve the issue as quickly as possible so the user(s).