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Professional Services

Available Services:

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

The IT requirements for every business are unique, they may contain some standard elements for basic operations, such as email, file sharing, printing, etc. but there will be a mixture of other applications and software tools that are unique to your company. With our expertise and best practices, we will be able to design an environment that will provide the appropriate foundation to support the applications you need and make sure the integration is as seamless as possible.

Architectural Design

Roadmap for a

Sustained Environment

Advances in technology progress at a rapid pace. Providing a stable, scalable and up to date IT environment is critical for the viability of any business and it's ongoing success. With our knowledge and experience, we take the time to design your IT environment correctly from the beginning and incorporate our methodologies and processes for the maintenance of the IT systems and roadmap for their upgrades along the way.

Network Upgrades

Architectural Design

and Network Upgrades

Incorporating the requirements of your IT environment to design an IT platform that provides the best stability and flexibility as your company evolves and grows.

We will develop the appropriate migration strategy for upgrading your IT environment and know the appropriate blend of both on-premise and cloud solutions to ensure the best performance for your applications.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Desktop Support: Whether you have applications local to your computer or using lightweight (thin client) devices our goal is to minimize the amount of down time and when there is an issue we will use our standardized procedures to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.   We will also make sure we only provide updates when necessary but also notify you proactively when adjustments or changes need to be made to your client devices.

Backend server support: Whether your applications are off-site or onsite we ensure the backend systems and servers are properly running both, by monitoring the critical elements as well as performing patch updates where appropriate.

Mobile Devices: As mobile devices and Wireless continue to have a more prevalent role in our daily activities, it is critical to ensure the proper management and security for these devices. By providing a solution that enhances the accessibility of critical applications and streamlines the process to make changes will allow you to focus on your business.

Network Assessments

Network Assessments

In order to provide a road map of where you need to be, we need to have a good understanding of your current state. From there we can provide a roadmap for the recommended IT environment which will allow you to achieve your goals:

  • Every business has its own unique characteristics
  • Getting a good understanding of our business and operations
  • Understanding your processes and procedures and what are the challenges you have in your IT environment
  • We gather the information necessary we need with the goal in mind to provide a reliable, stable and scalable environment
IT Support Services

IT Support Services

Are your employees having difficulty getting their Desktop issues resolved in a timely and efficient manner?

At Pinestone, our support team has the technical knowledge and properly trained on IT support process to get your users back up and running in a timely fashion. Our IT Support Team will also proactively look at the potential root cause of the issue to see if there are any remedies that could minimize or eliminate the specific issue in the future.

Pinestone can provide the following value for your IT support needs:

  • Timely response from one of our certified engineers and leveraging tools to quickly get access to the potential issue either remote or onsite
  • With the combination of skilled and trained engineers, they will identify the problem and know the appropriate steps to get the user back up and running as quickly as possible
  • Support models that can ensure your operating expenses are consistent and predictable
  • Understanding the importance of timely response and appropriate follow up till the issue has been remediated