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Value-Added IT Security

Sound security needs a multifaceted approach to ensure your environment is completely protected. But navigating the necessary levels of security, along with continuous management and upgrades, can be overwhelming. At PineStone, we understand the importance of putting the appropriate layers of security in place. When you choose us, our team takes into account ongoing potential threats and implement systems designed specifically to identify and block them before they penetrate your network.

Email Security

A secure email solution for your business is paramount to your success. This helps you ensure that your messages are always available and that all transmissions are fully secure or encrypted. Our innovative email solution comes with several distinct security elements:


We make sure you receive the emails you want with the addition of junk or spam filters for those you don't need.


This involves filtering your email before it enters your network, reducing the risk of threats like viruses or possibly harmful data.

Secure File Transfer

Our system makes it easy to send confidential documents or files without any security concerns.

Ongoing Training & Education

With this aspect of our program, we make sure your staff is properly trained to identify potential threats.

Network Security (Perimeter)

Data is a vital part of ongoing operations for nearly all companies, giving you the most reason to have appropriate security measures in place. We implement a variety of critical elements designed to fully protect your network. These include:

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Security Policies

By incorporating the appropriate security policies, we lay the foundation for your network security system. During this process, we establish employee guidelines for overall IT administration.

Computer Network Area

Web Filtering

Unauthorized or unsafe websites are responsible for a large number of security vulnerabilities. To combat this, our system profiles and filters out any potentially dangerous sites.

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Malware Protection

Adequate malware protection requires a combination of policy, network, and solution-based security.

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Intrusion Protection

To expand protection from both internal and external threats, we implement features that provide additional levels of security, especially for sensitive or confidential data.

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Secure Wireless Networks

There are many factors to consider when designing the appropriate wireless solution. Well-designed wireless network environments should include proper placement segmented with different levels of security, along with flexibility that allows for multiple types of mobile devices. Taking steps like assessing your workspace for signal interference and structural obstacles — among other possible issues — goes a long way to ensure a sound wireless solution.

Properly setting up both company and guest wireless access will give you the comfort of knowing your network is secure for all users. Using the information obtained during our assessment, we'll recommend the ideal wireless solution for your company's needs. Our design will take into consideration the various types of traffic — both data and voice, in addtion to Enterprise and Guest data traffic — on your network to ensure that all factors are seamlessly implemented.